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Интересная статья, особенно последние параграфы.
У Анны тоже много такого было. Йорланда ей сказала, что она скоро будет со своими родичами, а Анна ответила - они уже все тут. Не раз говорила, что покойные мать, муж и сестра приходили и др., включая мать Терезу.
В той статье понравилось сравнение с радиоволнами:
In his recent book, "Palliative Care Perspectives," Dr. James L. Hallenbeck calls the experience patients report of seeing dead loved ones an "altered state" of consciousness, comparing it to how we think about radio frequencies. Hallenbeck is director of palliative care services with the V.A. Palo Alto Health Care System.
"In normal wakefulness, we function and interact on a relatively narrow and shared frequency that allows both transmission and reception of shared experiences. When patients at the end of life experience altered states, it is as if their radio frequency, their wavelength, has shifted," with the radio dial turned slightly.
That small turn "allows the patient to experience both the 'normal' wavelength on which we coexist and yet receive signals on a wavelength that we cannot perceive. Such a patient might be perfectly aware of being in a hospital bed and of dying but be able to see and hear a deceased relative sitting in a chair next to the bed."
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